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5 Things to do in Dubai at Night

Hypothetically, If you have 12 hours to explore somewhere in the world, and magically it happens to be wonderful city of Dubai, would you rather bask in the sunshine of the Arabian desert or choose the cloak of the darkness and sparkling city lights of the Dubai skyline?

New York has the reputation of the metropolis that doesn’t sleep. However, there is another city that has unexpectedly joined that lifestyle, and that place is Dubai. Normally Dubai is known for the countless activities during the day. However, there was a shift in demand and it became an occurrence with the ravenous appetite for a nighttime life in the city. So we have put together a list of things that can be done after dark in Dubai.

1. Take a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

What better way to see the sun rising above the Arabian desert from than from 4,000 feet up in the air in a Hot Air Balloon Ride. Not only does this experience offer floating over the Dubai desert, but you also get witness the in-flight falcon show and traverse across the desert in vintage Land Rovers.

There is even the option of having a gourmet dinner buffet which is served in an authentic desert atmosphere in a Royal retreat. The ride includes a pickup and drops off from Dubai hotels. Additionally, the hot air balloons basket is equipped with Go Pros camera affording you the chance to have that memory for many years to come. 

hot air balloon in dubai

2. Visit One of the Largest Saltwater Aquariums in the World

Another place to visit on the list is the Lost Chambers Aquarium. This is located within the Atlantis Palm hotel in Dubai and holds an amount exceeding 500 different species of marine life inside; this includes sharks, stingray and over 65,000 fish. So you may ask why is this recommended after dark, this can be done during the daytime hours. Well, feeding occurs at night, this is when the fishes and other marine species are naturally more predatorily. I think this is a great opportunity to get a front-row seat by having dinner at the adjoining restaurant in the hotel. So why not enjoy them simultaneously.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

3. Dine-In one of the Best Sushi Restaurant

Dubai is famous for having the finest grade of sushi in the world. For some of the most exceptional food in a plush setting, Nathan Outlaw At Al Mahara is one of the downtown Dubai hotspots. This creates an atmosphere that is underwater. The Michelin starred eatery sits on the ground floor of the hotel. The aquatic and aquariums theme means it will be a monumental experience that you’ll never forget. In addition to the Nathan Outlaw, you have JAAN The Penthouse affectionately called the ‘Life of Nemo.’ Their signature dish is sushi served in a mini aquarium complete with live goldfish and a butterfly on top. The cost of the sushi may be high, but it worth all the cost, especially with that effervescent ambiance. If fish isn’t your palate, then JAAN also can cook up the finest beef in the world. 

Nathan Outlaw At Al Mahara

4. Visit the Souks

Why not take a night trip to the Souks? If you’re not familiar with what the souks, they are outdoor markets in Dubai filled with every kind of souvenir, food, spice and fashion you could imagine. In the gold souks, there is the option of purchasing different kinds of gold jewelry such as watches, bracelets, necklaces and much more. The gold souks play such an integral role in Dubai that more than seventy percent of the physical gold traded in the world was traded in the city. If you want to shop for many things, especially at affordable prices, the Souks are the best place to visit.

gold souk

5. Go Clubbing

Why not enjoy the scenery of the club? Dubai is infamous for its vibrant nightlife. With a plethora of places to go, you can rave the night away. If you choose, get Vip treatment, serving as many bottles of champagne you want as you dance until the sun comes up. 

clubbing in dubai

Now there is no excuse to not go out and enjoy the beauty of Dubai at night. 

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