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Top 3 Attractions to show Dubai’s History and Culture

Dubai without question is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

With outstanding hotels such as the first world’s first 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab, Amazing shopping experiences at the largest malls in the world, such as the Dubai Mall or Mall of Emirates, and some of the most stunning attractions you’ve ever seen.

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If you are interested in the more historic and cultural part of Dubai then below are three attractions that you must visit on your trip to Dubai.

1. The Dubai Creek

The Dubai creek is a natural seawater inlet. It slices through the center of the city and is one of the most historical part of the city. Treat yourself by taking a cruise to Al- Maktoum,  allowing you to pass numerous landmarks areas of Dubai – both historic and modern.

dubai creek

2. Bastakiya

Dubai is a city in the desert and is incredibly hot! The sweltering heat in Dubai can be unbearable. This is why almost every building is fully air-conditioned.

But how did the people of Dubai manage to say cool before having electricity and air conditioning? If you are curious as to the answer to this question, then you should visit Bastakiya.

The district is a time machine to when houses were cooled by wind towers. During those days, Dubai was famous for establishing the wind towers on both sides of the creek. Today, the lanes are still displaying the distinctive Arabian architecture that is a popular attraction for visitors.

dubai wind tower
Bastakiya Wind Towers

3. The Souks

The Souks are some of the major traditional markets in Dubai, which are very popular for the bargain hunter, tourists, celebrities and photographers.

The most famous of the souks is the Gold Souk. The streets are riddled with shops where anything golden can be found at extremely low prices, including watches, rings and gorgeous necklaces.

bastakiya wind tower

If you’d like to get the Deira Gold Souk,  the best way is to take a taxi if you don’t mind the cost or have a limited amount of time.

However, if you’re not in a rush, and want to attempt a more cost-effective route, then we suggest taking the Dubai Metro and get off at ‘Palm Dierra” green line.

There not only will you find the Gold Souk, but you will also be in close range of the Spice Souk.

Then there is also the modern fish souk which abounds with activities, but, be aware that the area has the most pungent scent out of all the souks.

Journey throughout the arcane area of Dubai to discover the unlimited options of things that will fancy your eyes.

One recommendation is to negotiate price before buying, many sellers are willing to reduce the original price by a few dollars.

The second suggestion is to get to the souks as early as possible due to the fact it will get busy with locals, tourists and other vendors throughout the day.

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