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Top 10 (Unexpectedly) Trending Vacation Destinations for 2020

Are you looking to go on vacation this year? Here are the Top 10 Trending Vacation destinations, you’ll be in for a surprise.

1. Sydney, Australia

Granted, there are countless of celebrities that call Sydney Australia their home all year round, but there are many others who simply enjoy visiting Sydney for sailing and surfing getaway. The Bondi beach has been a top vacation selection for celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Leonardo Dicaprio. Most of these A-list actors always select some of the top of the line 5 star accommodations such as the Park Hyatt and the Intercontinental Hotel in the Rocks. 


2. Mykonos, Greece

Another hot spot tourist destination where celebrities frequent, especially to get away from all of the attention, gossip and paparazzi for a while, is in the city of Mykonos. With the breathtaking backdrop of the beaches and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine on every street , Mykonos is a popular spot for celebrities. The area has left such a tremendous impact on some celebrity, persons likeTom Hanks and Tom Cruise have bought houses in the city. Inspite of the celebrity status of the destination, don’t let that hamper you from visiting and experience the same feeling like your favorite stars. – aren’t we all celebrity in our own right?

Mykonos, Greece


3. Vienna, Austria

In the wonderful city of Vienna, coffee houses are a great leisure time, that they have even been certified by the UNESCO as a Viennese cultural pastime. You can visit the Stete Opera House, the Kirche am Steinhof, The Imperial Palace. In addition, why not visit the great heritage of Mozart, Beethoven and Freud. Eat some of Viennese delicacies such as Apfelstrudel or Sachertorte and other amazing Viennese cuisine at various restaurants.  

Vienna austria


4. Moscow, Russia

With over 10 million citizens and being the heart of history, architecture and most importantly business in Russia, Moscow is a city of magnificence. There are countless of places to see, from the Red Square, Lenin Mausoleum, the nine Domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Boulevard Ring where you can go shopping with your family and friends.



5. Mexico City, Mexico

Fusing the Aztec heritage and fantastic contemporary city life Mexico City is a great place to visit if you want to see impressive monuments and museums. You can check out the Bosque de Chapultepec, a large impressionable park, and the Musei Nacional de Antropologia to view some historical Mayan artifacts. Also, meanwhile you’re there why not capitalize on the shopping, culinary experiences and dazzling nightlife that make it a dreamy destination for travelers.




6. Luzon, Philippines

Luzon is the largest island in the Phillipines and is the home to the pulsating city of Manila. The island is also host to some splendis biodiversity from the rainforests, to enormous mountains and never ending stunning beaches and coral reefs.


7. Lombok, Indonesia

Looking forward to a place where there is less crowd of tourists while enjoying a more laid back atmosphere, there is no more of a perfect place besides the city of Lombok in Indonesia. There are plethora of things to see in Lombok, from gorgeous beaches with great waterfalls, diving spots and fiery volcano for those who enjoy an adventure. And if you are interested in sightseeing, you can also head to the nearby Gili islands (Gili Trawangan along with Gili Air, infamous for their beautiful sand beaches  with surrounding palm trees.

Lombok, Indonesia


8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Considered the birthplace of Tango, Bueno Aires is a stunning and amazing city. Romantic scenery, exciting nightlife, fancy restaurants, impeccable architecture and great parks, makes the city the ideal place to visit for families, couples, and friends. Bueno Aires also offers some world- class therapy along its delightful boulevards and sights such as the Puerto Madero and Teatro Colon. The mere ambiance will have you in a state of tranquility. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina


9. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Infamous for it’s late nights discos, clubs, golf courses, water parks and fiesta, Fuerteventura is a tourist paradise. Betancuria is home to several museums and cathedrals and is a great place for culturist, who can appreciate the heritage of the city. Meanwhile Tefia offers a  quirky Carnival celebrations for those revelers, contrary to the Baku Water, that provides well-deserved moments of relaxation after a long exhausting day in the sun.  

10. Kochi (Cochin), India

Unknown to many, on the southern coast of India, are several small and beautiful villages. Watching the breathtaking sunset, going on different boat rides and eating the wide array of sumptuous cuisines are just some of the many others activities you’ll be able to do there. They locals using Chinese fishing nets along the stunning beaches also makes it a perfect place to enjoy Kerals scenic backwaters.

Kochi (Cochin), India

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