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Here’s what airlines are doing to make travelling safe

It is understandable that many persons are afraid to fly during the global crisis of the coronavirus.

To remedy these fears, airlines and other travel vessels have begun a number of initiatives, reassuring customers that their travel experience will be safe and devoid of complications. For instance, American Airline is working with Global Biorsik, Advisory, Council to obtain to a GBAC STAR rating for their disinfecting and cleaning practices. They have made it mandatory for travelers and employees to wear face masks; also asking customers to provide certificate that states that they’ve been free of COVID symptoms for the 14 days prior to check-in. In addition, they are using HEPA filters to assist with maintaining the air inside the planes cleaner. It is supposed to remove 99.97% of all air particles every couple of minutes.

Other airlines are using an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect every surface during their routine in between flights along with requesting everyone to wear masks.

travelling safe during covid

As stated, these safety precautions are mandatory. Southwest Airlines and American Airlines announced they are prohibited individuals who aren’t wearing a face covering from traveling, despite customer having a medical condition.

However, the question still looms: How will passengers know if their flight facilitates have been social distancing? Also, how can we all be sure airlines won’t sell the extra seats if the demand skyrockets. Why is there no consensus between airlines with regard to travel policy? And if I do travel, how can I guarantee I am safe on the flight?

To avoid the issues of undertaking hours upon hours of research, digging through airline schedules, pondering on the numerous risks of traveling, there are some fundamentals things you can do on your own to put your mind at ease.

Firstly, it is important to wear a mask. Inherently this is isn’t about personal freedom and the government extending its powers against the general population.  This primarily centers on not being selfish and protecting both you and those in close proximity.

Second, bring along your own hand sanitizer. Airlines have commenced providing sanitization station for their customers, but to avoid their supply running out by keeping your own on hand.

Thirdly, bring sanitary wipes. It is expected that Airport cleaning crews are overwhelmed to the limits. They are assigned with incorporating all-new sanitation protocols and standards within specific time constraints while compromising their own safety. They are expected to cover large parameters by wiping down seats, armrests, air venting, table rests, and window covering among other things. But, by happenstance, they, unfortunately, missed a spot, you can confer it upon yourself to wipe down the area you coming in contact.

These measures are in place for the safety of all individuals. Pilots, flight attendants, TSA and all other personnel assigned to the flight process are all susceptible to the virus and have to ensure precautionary protocols are adhered to remain safe and healthy.

While all of these personal responsibility and safety measures are phenomenal, how can you actually know which airlines have implemented these precautionary policies? Well, in the technology advanced era, like most things, there is a software solution expedient to travelers. If you are searching for a one-stop shop for all airline policies while trying to book a flight, there is a Pilota chrome extension. Once downloaded, select Google flights, search for your destination and Pilota will automatically provide you with comprehensive details of the airline policies and provision in place to keep you safe.  The metrics are impressive. Pilota can obtain information of the flight has boarding sanitation measures, mask policies,  air filtration system capacity capping, whether personal protective equipment (PPE), food hygiene among other relevant information for concerned travelers. Furthermore, every single flight gets a star rating base on a number of criteria. The information should be sufficient to make a conscious decision when flying.  So, for us all to remain safe in a volatile global climate with the COVID-19, it is imperative to do the necessary research.  And perhaps one day again the world can return to a point of normalcy again where we can travel without fear.

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