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Is it Safe To Travel During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The question for frequent travelers since the spread of the Covid severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19 infections is whether it’s possible to travel. Well, the answer is fundamentally no- for the moment. 

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Virtually every country has closed its border to nonessential travel and non- nationals. Airlines have drastically reduced their flights, only making some accommodations to stranded passengers who are desperately trying to return home. 

Numerous countries have ordered a lockdown of the general movement in the population to curtail the spread of the virus. Parks, restaurants, beaches and many other public places are closed.  Populations in countries such as India are under the strictest quarantine, with persons needing a valid reason to do leave their house. Even traveling across town is limited, with the government enforcing residents to stay home to reduce the spread of the virus.  

Popular destinations across the world were some of the most vulnerable places. Countries that welcome a considerable amount of international travelers were the first hit. Next affected were developing countries with a high level of a low-income household and a health care system that may not be equipped to deal with the virus.  

Countries such as the United States, Spain, Italy were the heaviest hit and unable to manage the impact of the virus as a high level of cases pressured their health system.

While it easy to think that countries that currently have a low number of cases compared to other countries may be safe, they are not. Asymptomatic cases of COVID – 19 may be the reason for the rapid spread of the virus, and it can be assumed there is more case than is actually reported. Many countries which have tested a large proportion of its population noticed more than half of the people have no symptom. 

To flatten the curve, it is recommended for the time, we all stay in our homes as much as possible. Minimizing contact with other people, especially in countries you are not familiar with is the best way to save lives. 

Unfortunately, countries that have exceeded their COVID-19 peak, and have experienced a reduction in infections are still not as safe as yet. Due to the international community of other countries not managing their infection rate, once the borders for other countries reopen a fresh wave of infections from travelers may affect the host country, forcing the country to close back its borders. This is compounded with the possibility of asymptomatic cases that are not detected within the borders of these countries. China and Singapore had to close back their borders as a result of finding out new cases of the Coronavirus originating from travelers arriving into the country.  Containing the spread is more than just flattening the curve and countries have to take extra precautions when dealing with the novelty of the virus. 

In the meantime, plan all the ideal vacations spot you want to visit and save for those moments. You can do all the traveling after the crisis of the Covid 19 virus is over.

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