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All you need to know about Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is an enviable culture icon in Europe.

With stunning scenery, sumptuous food, delicious pastries, a wide array of activities, not to mention the legendary Eiffel Tower, Paris has something for everyone.

Maneuvering through Paris should be effortless for any tourist, but driving is not suggested when attempting to get the full experience. We recommend walking to revile in the amazing vista encompassing the city.

Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to visit different shops, museum and restaurants.  Public transportation is readily available. For example, there are busses, commuter trains and metros. Also, there is a fleet of riverboats, taxis, bicycles and most interestingly rollerblades for those who like the adrenaline rush.

If you are on a budget, no worry, there are passes to make the excursion an affordable option. Evidently, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t enjoy Paris.

One thing to be cognizant when visiting Paris as a tourist is the city is divided into districts called Arrondissement; there are approximately twenty in total. The reason why these district points are important because they are used as guides and tourist information pamphlets will utilize these district identifiers for directions.

For example, the Louvre is in the first district closest to the center of the city. Each district’s uniqueness is a representation of the diversity Paris has to offer the world.

The Seine also is another geographical area with everything to the north river being the Right Bank and to the south; The Left Bank. The two regions have distinct characteristics which makes them more the attraction.

Abound with rich culture, Paris house some of their heritage within a myriad of museums. For instance, The Louvre was opened in 1793 and is believed to possess over 300000 exhibits. It is located at 99 Rue De Rivoli; also located in the area i is the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs.

In addition to these wonderful museums. Paris is the home of some of the most incredible historical buildings such as the Place de la Concorde, Sacre’ COur,  A partisan Landmark since the nineteenth century and the infamous Eiffel Tower.


Paris is riddled with fascinating and beautiful places to visit.

For years, it has been a magnet to writers, artists and many tourists who can appreciate the cultural significance of the city.

Feast your eyes on the bakeries, cafes, art museums and many other attractions to your delight.

Just know there is something to do every moment of your trip, be sure to bask and relish the warmth ambience of the majestic city of Paris.

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