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11 Best Ways to HIDE MONEY when Traveling

Have you ever thought about hiding your money in case you had an emergency when you travel? If you haven’t thought about it, then you should…and we’re here to tell you 11 easy ways to hide money when you travel.

1. Hide Money in the bottom of your shoes

A good idea to stash some money away in a secret location is under your foot. I mean, who would go digging in your smelly shoe?

Most shoes have some kind of a flap here so that you can stick some money.

hide money in shoes

Stick a few 20 dollar bills in the bottom of your shoe and you should have no issue.

2. Hide money in Dental floss

Just in case you’re traveling, you feel like taking care of your teeth, you’re probably going to have a bunch of dental floss around.

Well, if you have one of those old containers that pops open, then open it, remove the roll, and sometimes there’s a little tab right here, you’ll just need to cut it off

hide money in dental floss

then you can take some money and put it inside

hide money in dental floss

and snap everything back together.

hide money in dental floss

And you can put that with the rest of your bathroom products and nobody will have a clue.

3. Hide money in a Half used Tube of Toothpaste

Another great place to had some money in a half used tube of toothpaste.

You will need to squeeze the tootthpaste to the top and flatten out the bottom of the tube

hide money in toothpaste tube

Then take the money you want hide and roll it up in the tube

hide money in toothpaste tube

and then take something like the binder clip and put on the end and there you go.

hide money in toothpaste tube

No one will have any idea that money in that toothpaste tube!

4. Hide Money in Baby’s Diaper

Did you know that a child’s diaper can be a great place for hiding cash? Wrap your money up in what looks to be a dirty diaper and know one will want to touch it!

hide money in diaper

hide money in diaper

You can always make it a little bit more realistic if you want to by adding some Brown spots on it.

In any case, if you have a child this is a great way to hide your cash.

5. Hide Money Inside a Pack of Playing Cards

If you’d like to play cards, there’s a good chance you probably take some cards on a trip with you and it’ll be a great hiding place to stashing your cash.

All you have to do is open your pack of cards and don’t trow away your Joker cards just yet! We’ll need those to help hide your cash.

Take the money that you want to hide,  place it on top of the Joker cards, trace an outline of the money with a marker

hide money in playing cards

Now you can trim this out and make a nice little hole in the center of the cards.

You want to then place these cards right in the center of the deck, place the money in there real carefully.

hide money in cards

Take the other cards and put them on top and that way it’ll look pretty flush.

hide money in pack of cards

hide money in playing cards

Now if for any reason it stands out a bit showing a gap in the cards where the money was added, then you can just bend the cards a little bit, get them more used up, you don’t want them looking brand new.

Now you can take the cards and put him right back into the box. Nobody would have a clue that there’s money inside.

6. Hide Money in Gum Wrapper

If you happen to like gum, alot of them now come in these convenient little boxes and wrappers.

Open up the gum wrapper, pull out your sticky gum and you can give it away, throw it away or just chew it yourself.

Roll up your cash, put it exactly back into the wrapper very carefully and easily put it in place and put some other gum around it to make it nice and camouflage. There you go.

7. Hide Money in Hair Brush

If you’re a lady, there’s a good chance you’re gonna want some kind of a brush to go with you on vacation.

Now if you get this version which has a hard bag and it has a rubbery front, if you carefully start prying on the front, can easily pull it apart and makes a great little storage place for some money.

hide money in brush

You can stick the money in, push everything carefully back together. There you go. Great hiding spot.

8. Hide Money inside a Pen

If you’re anything like myself, then you’d like to carry a pen on you at all times.

Carefully open the pen and then wrap some money around the ink cartridge that’s inside.

hide money inside a pen

You can also a little bit of tape to make sure  the money is holding in place.

Now, close back your pen and use it as a normal pen. It’s a great little hiding spot for some money.

9. Hide Money in ChapSticks

Now some people have tried this where they’ve removed the internals and then when you take the lid off, you can easily see the money. But we want to show you a little additional trick to make it still usable.

Very carefully, completely wine the entire chapstick out. Grab this very carefully. Pull it out.

hide money in chapstick

Now you’re left with some plastic inside there and you’re going to use a knife to carefully pry that out.

hide money in chapstick

and you should see down in the tube that it has a nice little rod that’s used to screw the chapstick up and down.

hide money in chapstick

Now you’re going to get a wooden rod and start carefully rolling the money around the rod.

hide money in chapstick

Now once you get it fully rolled, then carefully take it and make sure you insert it over the rod that is currently in inside the chapstick.

hide money in chapstick

Then you want to take the plastic piece, you want to re-insert it and then you want to take the rest of the chap stick and push it down back into the tube carefully, getting it back to back down into the tube. Don’t try to force it all back into the tube.

hide money in chapstick

Now once it has gone a few turns down in there. You want to take something like a knife, trim it off, wipe off any extra that might be there and now you can continue to use that chapstick. Put the lid back on it.

hide money in chapstick

Now if by chance anybody is nosy and pulls the cap their just going to see a regular tube of chapstick.

10. Hide Money in Soap

the next hiding spot for hiding cash is a bar of soap because a lot of people use it and very few people would even think twice about the money being inside it.

Now very carefully, take a quarter inch drill and drill a hole straight into the center of the bar. Now do this very slowly so you don’t the format or accidentally crack it open.

hide money in soap

Once you’re done, you’re left with a nice clean hole that you could shove some stuff in. You can take some rolled up money and carefully push it inside

hide money in soap 2

Once you’ve put the money inside, take some of the soap that was drilled off and gently push those pieces back into the hole, covering the hole.

hide money in soap

you can see that the hoe starts to disappear.

You can then take the soap and put it back inside the box and nobody would even have a clue, all they will see is a bar of soap.

11. Hide Money in a shower gel

Now depending on type of shower gel that you have, you have one where the lid can be twisted and pops off.  This leaves a lot of open space and for you to slip some money into the lid.

hide money in shower gel

Take your lid off, fold your money neatly and slowly start stuffing your money inside

hide money in shower gel

Once you’re done, snap the lid back on back on, open the top of the shower gel, and use it as you wish. Nobody would have a clue.

The best thing about all these products is that they can be found at the local dollar store. So not only are they easy to put together, they’re also very cheap. Do you like these ideas? Make sure to comment below and tell us what you think.

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